Fatigue in Air Medical Operations

FAA Advisory Circular AC 00-64, which provides guidelines for the initial and recurrent training of air medical transport crewmembers, specifies that crewmember fatigue is an important element of training.

In addition, the recently proposed amendments to FAR Part 135 for air ambulance operations states that considerations of fatigue are a necessary element of any risk assessment tool used to make a Go-No Go determination related to any given air medical transport flight request.

So far, we had referred to a Fatigue Management Program called Z-Coach at this point. In the wake of its provider's acquisition by another company, this program underwent some major changes as of late (September 2015).

As the press release issued by the acquiring company, Torvec, Inc. of Rochester, NY, states, Torvec Inc. "has closed on the purchase of certain assets of Alertness Solutions Inc. of Menlo Park, California. The assets consist of the Z-Coach tool; a robust web based training and educational software for the Fatigue Management Consulting Industry. The Z-Coach tool will integrate with, augment and enhance our Real Time Alertness Monitoring and Emergency Systems and other new technologies in our suite of products. The Z-Coach technology was originally designed, developed and enhanced by some of the world's most respected fatigue management scientists and experts."

The press release further states:

The unchecked degradation of an individual's alertness is a growing concern and the consequences in some areas are approaching epidemic proportions. As an example, it is estimated that 250,000 drivers per day fall asleep at the wheel. Serious and fatal truck, bus, train and automobile accidents are occurring at an alarming rate. Many injuries and accidents in manufacturing plants are fatigue related. The purpose of monitoring alertness is to prevent these and other emergency situations from happening rather than dealing with them after the fact. For instance waking someone up after they have fallen asleep at the wheel is too late.

Our goal is to develop a robust offering of products and programs that evaluate, monitor and help alleviate sleep and fatigue problems and the disastrous outcomes they can create. Up until now we know of no comprehensive programs that effectively and efficiently deal with these issues.

Please stay tuned to our website for further updates on the latest developments in fatigue management.

You may also wish to visit Torvec's website at www.torvec.com.

Torvec Inc., a company that develops and markets advanced technologies in the areas of power and safety, will soon be renamed to CurAegis Technologies Inc.

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Mel Sorensen 09/17/2016
EDP protocol is a great risk assessment/mitigation tool. We need to push this ASAP to all companies.
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I enjoyed the article on EDP. Thanks.
JayZee 07/01/2014
Very nice site!
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