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Hello and Welcome to the official website of the National EMS Pilots Association.

My name is Kurt Williams, I am the current President of the organization. I hope you find this site easy to navigate, and more importantly, useful. We at the National EMS Pilots Associ­ation are striving to be a voice for all EMS pilots. Whether you are a ...
What we do
Formed in 1984, NEMSPA helps EMS helicopter and fixed-wing pilots to keep abreast of current industry issues, thereby contributing to each flight program that has NEMSPA members.

In order to promote issues relevant to the aeromedical industry, NEMSPA ...
- participates in various meetings, seminars and summits
- collaborates with organizations and government entities
- actively supports relevant initiatives and programs
- publishes and contributes to journals, videos, position
  papers and other publications.     ... read more »
Why to join us
Members of NEMSPA know that their interests are served through the Association's commitment to improve safety, facilitate continuing education, increase communication, and to advance the quality of service of the nationwide Air Medical Transport industry.

Your membership adds your voice and influence to a national association of colleagues which has as its primary purpose the advancement of operational safety and the professional development of pilots flying air medical transport missions.

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Breaking News
In an effort to more effectively deploy LED lighting technology at airports and heliports, the FAA is seeking input from pilots with their experience with Light Emitting Diode (LED) airport/heliport lighting
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Mike Lamee, assistant chief pilot at Med-Trans was presented the NEMSPA EMS Pilot of the Year Award at the annual Air Medical Transport Conference in Nashville. As a traveling trainer and evaluator of HEMS pilots at air medical programs serviced by Med-Trans, Mike teaches and requires the highest standards of proficiency and safety for pilots ...
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Daily News Courtesy of www.HeliHub.com
Source: Universal Avionics, 03-Mar-15
Universal Avionics has selected Howell Instruments, Inc. to engineer a customized Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) for use in the InSight Integrated Flight Deck for the MD Explorer helicopter. Universal Avionics and Howell Instruments have completed the first round of DAU testing for the engines at Universal Avionics Engineering – Southeast Division in Duluth, Georgia USA…. Read more »
Source: Universal Avionics, 03-Mar-15
Universal Avionics is nearing successful helicopter vibration testing and approval for its AHS-525 Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS). The AHS-525 adds to Universal Avionics’ expanding line of products designed for the unique requirements of the helicopter market. A single AHS-525 replaces multiple Line Replaceable Units (LRU) found in a typical aircraft installation that would be… Read more »
Source: Universal Avionics, 03-Mar-15
Universal Avionics SBAS-FMS qualifies as an approved ARINC A743A position source required for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) compliance. As the foundation of the ADS-B solution, it interfaces with all ADS-B transponders including the commonly used Honeywell RCZ-8XX Series and Rockwell Collins TDR-94D. A surveillance technology incorporating air and ground aspects, ADS-B provides Air Traffic Control… Read more »
Source: Wysong, 03-Mar-15
Wysong Enterprises, Inc., (Wysong) announced this week the company has completed an Airbus AS350 B3e for Helicopter Express. The new helicopter is equipped for aerial firefighting and will be on display at the Heli-Expo held in Orlando, Florida on March 3-5,2015. “This is the fifth Airbus AS350B3e aircraft we have completed for Helicopter Express,” said… Read more »
Source: Aerometals, 03-Mar-15
Aerometals announced today that they have completed the purchase of all shares of FDC/aerofilters. Previously they owned the majority of the company. With the complete acquisition of FDC/aerofilters, FDC/aerofilters will now be called Aerometals. “People in the helicopter business have known about the high quality of Aerometals PMA parts for years,” said Rex Kamphefner. “The… Read more »
Source: ASU, 03-Mar-15
United States, Boise, Idaho based Aviation Specialties Unlimited Inc., (ASU) announced today, from the Helicopter International Association (HAI) HELI-EXPO Convention in Orlando, Florida, that the company along with Vienna, Austria based Helikopter Air Transportation GmbH (HeliAir) obtained EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval on the civilian Airbus EC135 series. “One of the many strengths of… Read more »
Source: Dallas, 03-Mar-15
Join us at the Orlando Convention Center from March 2-5, at booth 3700. Learn more about our new Rotorcraft Centers of Excellence and our vision to become the world’s leading, independent, rotorcraft engine service company and your trusted engine provider. Your first choice for all your turbine engine needs… anywhere… anytime. We will also be… Read more »
Source: Maverick, 03-Mar-15
Continuing to set industry records, Maverick Helicopters has officially logged 300,000 total flight hours using Airbus Helicopters’ EC130, making it the first operator in the world to hit this impressive milestone using the elite aircraft. In addition to this feat, Maverick Helicopters has recorded 350,000 total flight hours since its inception. Both of these remarkable… Read more »
Source: Meridian Helicopters, 03-Mar-15
Meridian Helicopters LLC posted a 100% increase of accumulated flight hours for leased aircraft in 2014 over their 2013 totals in this category. Contracts currently set in place for 2015 support it’s projections of similar growth this year. “Focus on all encompassing customer support, quality, and a fleet of proven aircraft in the commercial helicopter… Read more »
Source: Sagem, 03-Mar-15
Sagem (part of Safran) is calling on its 25 years of expertise in flight data analysis to offer its proven and state-of-the-art safety tools – Analysis Ground Station (AGS) and Cassiopée Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) services – to every Bell Helicopter commercial platform currently in production. These solutions are designed to support investigation, identify unsafe… Read more »

Order your OSHA/ANSI-Compliant Warning Signs today.

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The tool provides a comprehensive evaluation of any existing helipad.
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NEMSPA surveys are Your Opportunity to be heard in high places
We are not insensitive to concerns about being "Surveyed to Death".

So, we want to remind our members and website visitors that NEMSPA surveys, and the survey-links that we host on our web page for other researchers, are selected for their relevance to the safety of air medical transport operations. Surveys designed and conducted by NEMSPA will be clearly identified as such.

From time to time, we will also host a survey link for other researchers when the survey supports our primary goal of enhancing safety and excellence in the air medical transport industry. As a condition of hosting links to such surveys, NEMSPA asks the researchers to share the data with NEMSPA as soon as feasible after the completion of the survey, so that we can share it with our membership and website visitors.

Please share your experience and expertise by participating in these surveys.
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In "Flight for Life - A Matter of Life and Death", author Opal Cavit chronicles the challenges faced by one of the earliest helicopter air medical transport programs established in the United States.
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Ever wished you could get Lat / Long coordi­­nates right from the center of a Google® map?

Wish no more – it's here!
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Lost Air Medical Transport Crews are never forgotten - help their memory live on by donating to MedEvac Foundation International TODAY!
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Every year, hundreds of thousands of air medical missions are flown in the United States. Sadly, these crews do not always return.
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